Crane Rentals for
Dallas, TX

Dallas is a city in the state of Texas and the third-most populous city in the state. The area is well known for its NBA team the Dallas Mavericks, the Dallas Zoo, and vibrant music and arts scene. It is also the headquarters for several companies including AT&T, Southwest Airlines, and Comerica Bank. There are always construction and renovation projects going on throughout the city. These projects often require the use of cranes to be completed.

Cranes can be used to lift construction materials such as steel beams, concrete, and other heavy building materials to high heights. They can also be used to erect structures such as buildings and even other cranes. This makes cranes very valuable for use in the construction industry. Cranes vary in size and carrying-capacity too, allowing you to rent one that fits your exact needs.

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At Wilko Industrial, LLC, we provide crane rental services to the Dallas, TX area. Cranes are very useful for any construction project. They play an integral role in getting materials and equipment to places where it would be much more difficult or impossible to get to without them. We have a variety of cranes that allow us to handle projects of any size, scope, and complexity. Contact us today to schedule your crane rental!