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Introducing Our New GMK4090

Jun 20, 2022

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1. About the Crane

2. Specs

3. What It Can Do

4. About Grove

5. Hire Wilko Industrial for Your Next Lift in Texas

Introducing Our New GMK4090

Finding a reliable crane is an extremely important step when it comes to any construction job. It can be difficult to find a crane that can fit your needs effectively, and once you do find a crane you like that it can be even harder to find a reliable company to set it up and operate it for you. That’s where us at Wilko Industrial, and our new GMK4090 crane come in. The GMK4090 is a crane that can handle any job that is thrown at it with ease. This new product from Grove, the leader in the market of mobile cranes, is top of the line in every way with capabilities that will blow you away. The GMK4090 crane is one that every job can benefit from, and with it now being a part of our lineup, we offer a total of four amazing options for your construction needs.

About the Crane

The GMK4090 is what’s known as an all-terrain crane. These cranes are used for jobs that may take place in spots that are harder to reach for cranes and other equipment without all-terrain functionality. This particular model was also designed with mobility, and portability in mind. This machine is narrow in size, and easily maneuverable, allowing it to be used in a number of circumstances that may be considered unconventional. A more compact design ultimately means it is easier to get around than other cranes. It also boasts the best load charts in its class. What this means is that this crane has unbelievable lifting capabilities, especially when compared to other cranes that are similar to it. The beauty of the machines lies in the fact that its’s compact, and extremely powerful. Typically, a crane like this would have to sacrifice one for the other, but this one is the best of both worlds.


Now that we’ve established a little overview of the crane, let’s get down to more specific specs. When it comes to gross power, this machine sits at 429.2 horsepower. Its ton capacity sits at between 50 and 100 tons, and its main boom is between 50 and 167 feet. The machine itself is only 255 meters in width, which is where its compact design is on full display. The crane has a lifting capacity of 100 tons or 90 metric tons. The crane also has a very comfortable cab and is designed to be very maneuverable. The crane is also roadable, making it much easier to transport between job sites. This will ultimately save money on travel when it is being hauled out to a site. With the ability to carry heavy weights, and the ability to swiftly maneuver around any site, this crane is an excellent machine for any job site.

What It Can Do

Now that we’ve seen the specs you may be asking, but what can the crane actually do? Due to how it's built, this crane can be used in a number of different jobs, but we find that is perfect for three jobs in particular. First, it is very useful in HVAC jobs. These sorts of jobs can require working with more precise movements, and tighter spaces than others, making the GMK4090 a great answer to what could be a headache. Second, this crane is great for installing bridge beams. This is another instance in which a machine with great precision, and the ability to maneuver into difficult spaces is needed. Finally, this crane is great for working with structural steel. Due to its ability to move very heavy weights, this crane is perfect for getting structural steel wherever you need it to be, even if it needs to be in a difficult to work in spot.

About Grove

The company that produces these GMK4090 is called Grove. Grove has been around since 1947 and has proven themselves to be one of the most reliable crane engineering companies in the world. They are considered to be one the of the leading producers of mobile hydraulic cranes. With an eye on performance, and innovation Grove has consistently proven to produce the best cranes for the widest variety of situations. We at Wilko Industrial wouldn’t carry machines from any company that didn’t produce high quality products. Grove is certainly one of the best to choose from in the crane business.

Hire Wilko Industrial for Your Next Lift in Texas

Finding a reliable crane company can be hard. If you’re looking for a company that has quality workers that match up well with their quality machines, then you should look no further than Wilko Industrial for your next lift. At Wilko, we only hire the best of the best. All of our operators are certified and ready to work. If you’re in the Waco, Texas area, them give us a call, and we can get started on figuring out the specifics of your job. Contact us today!