Our Equipment


Main Specs
Nominal Capacity @ Radius
175 US Ton(150mt) @ 7'(2.1m) Radius
Standard Boom
42.7 - 197.3' (13 - 60.1m) six section formed
Telescope System
Pin and Latching
Attachment - Option 1
10-32.5-55'(3-9.9-16.8m) lattice
Attachment - Option 2
(3) - 18'(5.5m) Lattice Extensions
Max. Tip Height
Max. Line Pull
Max. Speed (ft per minute)
397fpm (121.0m/min)

Key Features

• Greaseless boom save time and reduces wear

• Three on-board attachments rolled into one

• 315.1ft (96.1m) maximum tip height

• Modular counterweight designed for maximizing transport efficiency – Maximum two overflow loads for max counterweights

• “Counterweight Detection System”

• New efficient fly pinning design focused on ease of assembly/disassembly

• Link-Belt Pulse 2.0 features an easy to use rated capacity limiter, telematics, fine metering, and so much more

• Upper work platform with foldable guardrail

• 20° tilting operator's cab with auto-climate control, Bluetooth radio

• Four outriggers (no fifth) featuring the V- CALC outrigger with 81 positions

• Two-person driver’s cab with auto-climate control, Bluetooth radio, tire pressure and temperature monitoring, and so much more

• 24 volt start and operation

• Vision package – cameras for viewing winch, swing, backup and right side.

• Lighting package – 5 illuminated compartments and controls, 3 boom floodlights, and 8 work lights are on the superstructure for night-time operation


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Wilko Industrial Crane & Construction is a full-service industrial
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