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How to Hire a Crane for General Construction in Texas

Apr 8, 2022

The construction industry was responsible for roughly 5.3% of Texas’ GDP in 2020; investments in projects and new businesses are key points that help a state grow. In Texas, the industry has seen a rise in productivity due to dedication to strengthening workplaces, housing, and schools. In this field that is constantly evolving and more challenging, a factor that remains is the need for cranes that are able to handle hard work and heavy hauling up to 225 tons. Used to lift and move heavy loads and goods for various reasons and purposes, cranes can be seen in every sector of the construction industry, especially present to help build the thousands of skyscrapers seen in Texas. This said, every type of crane– from mobile to tower cranes– functions at a different responsibility and for different jobs. Here at Wilko Industrial, we offer several crane options in order to assure your satisfaction.

Table of Contents

General Tips When Hiring a Crane

  1. Calculate the maximum radius from the center of pin.
  2. Confirm the total weight of the load. If not known, be sure to contact the manufacturer.
  3. Check for any clearance issues.
  4. Don’t forget the hook height required with lifting equipment.
  5. Check for any obstructions that will impede the counterweight while working.
  6. Outline any obstructions the crane may need to work around during set up.
  7. Determine whether specialized rigging equipment will be needed.
  8. Consider what boom length will be needed.
  9. Confirm that the ground can support the crane.
  10. Establish how the crane will access and leave the site.

Hiring a Crane for HVAC

1. Roof Top Unit(RTU)

A RTU is part of the HVAC system that focuses on containing the necessary components to provide air conditioning in one compact place; usually, they are installed in the top of a building, so it is able to work across the whole surface.

·  Its weight depends on the amount of tons in the unit; a 3 ton unit will be roughly 215 pounds, while a 20 ton unit can exceed 1800 pounds.


2. Air Exchangers Unit (AEU)

An AEU works to circulate indoor air out of your home/building and allow fresh air to come inside; this is done with the use of fans and vent systems. The Air Exchangers Unit are commonly seen in buildings 15 levels or less, with the use of a variation of cranes

·  To install the Air Exchanger Unit, it takes from 1-2 days depending on the height of the building, workers, and weight of the unit.


Even though for each piece of equipment previously mentioned states a designated crane, the ones available at Wilko Industrial have the ability to work with all equipment to assure your installation is a success.


Hiring a Crane for Electrical Work

1. Transformers/Wiring

While the installation of equipment like transformers and wiring may seem ordinary, the different sizes and lengths for different works make it necessary for a crane to be used. For example, a crane may be used to move the transformer to a different height; at the same time, it can be used to connect and hold up the wiring for the installation.

·  Although, as previously mentioned, the sizes vary the weight, the most common you can see is that of 4,150kg (9,200lbs).

·  In average, it takes the operator around 4-6 hours in order to properly set, connect, and check the transformer and wiring to the correct location so the job is well done and safe.

2. Power Generation Equipment

Power generation equipment is a system of converters with stored energy that creates electrical power that can be used in motors, heating, and your day-to-day. These systems are usually complicated, big, and heavy, so a crane is necessary to move and place professionally the equipment.

·  At the biggest, you can see a power generation equipment to weigh up to 70 tons (135,000lbs) due to its size and amount of energy.

·  Even though it depends mostly on the time connecting the system via wiring, placing the generator does affect the time since a professional is tasked to do it responsibly and carefully; all in all, it will not take more than a day and can be done in at least 6 hours.


The equipment mentioned has the tools to help you take care of your desired task; when in need of a crane for electrical work, Wilko Industrial has the variety you need to be satisfied. Feel free to contact us for more details regarding HVAC and Electrical Work installation with cranes.

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The construction industry in Texas is booming; cranes are becoming a constant need for every project to move pieces, equipment, and technology. At Wilko Industrial, we have a wide variety of cranes that can support any work thrown at us with the help of our professionals at an affordable price. Wilko Industrial is dedicated to make sure you end up satisfied with your work when all is said and done. Consider all of your options, be sure to contact us for more information and questions about your rental.