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Introducing Our New Link Belt 175AT

Jun 20, 2022

Table of Contents:

1. About the Crane
2. Specs
3. What It Can Do
4. About Link Belt
5. Hire Wilko Industrial for Your Next Lift in Texas

Introducing Our New Link Belt 175AT

Recently, we’ve acquired two new cranes to add to our fleet, which brings our total number of crane models that we carry up to four. The first of our new cranes that we went into detail about is the GMK4090, but we also have another new crane that is just as amazing. The Link Belt 175AT is our other latest crane that we now carry, and it is a great machine that can be applied to a number of different construction jobs. With capabilities that other cranes in its class couldn’t possibly reach, the 175AT crane from Link Belt is a crane that we at Wilko Industrial are proud to carry. Read on to see us break down the many features that come with this crane how it can help with a number of construction jobs, and to find out more about the company that created it and many other crane models.

About the Crane

The Link Belt 175AT is a type of crane known as a mobile, all-terrain crane, just like the GMK4090. The 175AT is even as mobile as the GMK4090. The 175AT was built with transportation in mind. Typically, transporting large-scale construction machinery to job sites is an extraordinarily difficult and costly endeavor. Large trucks with even larger trailers will have to load the machine on and take it miles and miles on open roads to get to a job site. The 175AT is a much smaller machine that was designed to make transportation as pain free as possible. The 175AT can also lift extreme weights, with its capability even exceeding many machines like it. The 175AT is the perfect machine for getting to all kinds of exotic places and doing the job right when it gets there.


The specs of the link belt 175AT are impressive. Its normal capacity radius is around 175 US tons. Its maximum tip height is 96.1 meters, and its maximum line pull is 23,622 pounds. Its max feet per minute is 397. It also boasts a greaseless boom which helps save time and reduces wear on the machine over time. It also features a comfortable operator’s cab with automatic climate control, and even Bluetooth radio, while also having the space to fit two people in the cab. With the proper vision package, the machine also has cameras for viewing the winch, swing, backup, and right side of it. Overall, the link belt 175AT is a powerhouse of a crane in a much more compact package.

What It Can Do

With so many amazing features, it only makes sense that the link belt 175AT can be used in a variety of different jobs. However, we believe the machine thrives when dealing with five specific jobs. First is air-conditioners. Air condition units for large-scale jobs can be extremely heavy and require a precise touch. This machine can handle that no problem. Next is fuel tanks. Obviously fuel tanks need to be handled with care but are also very heavy. The 175AT is perfect for handling this. Then there’s installing back-up generators. This is similar to air conditioning units where they require precision and the ability to lift heavy weights efficiently. The crane is also good for handling industrial equipment. With its carrying weight being extremely high it can handle industrial equipment very well. It can also be used to work with industrial steel. Moving steel around can be a tough job, but with this crane it’s made much easier.

About Link Belt

The company that produces the 175AT, and many other cranes, is called Link-Belt. Link-Belt specializes in designing and producing telescopic and lattice boom cranes. Recently they’ve managed to come out as one of the top crane manufacturers in the country and have been rapidly expanding their business over the past decade. With a large emphasis on design, and practicability, Link-Belt is a crane company that produces high quality machines that we are proud to carry. At Wilko Industrial we only carry the best of the best machines, and Link-Belt has proven to be a quality crane producer for many years now. Link-Belt’s emphasis on creating quality cranes is exactly the reason why we now carry the 175AT.

Hire Wilko Industrial for Your Next Lift in Texas

We at Wilko Industrial are a team that is committed to providing amazing machines, and even better operators to any jobsite that needs us. All of our operators are professionals that have had plenty of experience operating cranes. With the 175AT being the latest addition to our growing fleet of cranes, we are confident we can handle any job that is thrown at us. If you are in the Waco, Texas area and are looking for a crane company, then call us. Once you reach out, we can discuss what the next move will be from there. Contact us today, and we’ll get your job done the right way without a problem.